Online #SocMedHE16

Not coming to #SocMedHE16? it’s not too late to get a ticket, but in case that’s not an option there will be little ways to engage with the conference:

The # tag is the best way to keep informed, though if it’s anything like last year that will mean several thousand tweets to plough through. We will be Storifying them next week. We’ll also be recording all the short papers and thunderstorms, and will add these to the site in the new year. Several speakers are writing up their papers in to full papers for inclusion in the formal conference proceedings.

A Key-what?
We are daring to be a bit unconventional by running a Key-Not instead of a Key-note – only we know what that actually means, so delegates and onlookers will have to be patient. If you are free between 9.15 and 11.15, will be online and like a challenge you are invited to participate directly in our online version of the Key-Not.  Please email with ‘Key-not’ in the subject line and we’ll fill you in.  Otherwise, watch out for a million tweets in the morning, and keep an eye on this page.

We are aiming to periscope about 5 of the papers throughout the day, as we get confirmation from the authors involved we’ll update this page with the papers and times. Follow us on Periscope.

We have four confirmed sessions to periscope so far (Disclaimer – if for any reason it doesn’t work, we’ll be recording all short papers anyway, so they will be available in the new year)

Session 1 at 11.15 (first paper of session)
Engaging undergraduates in research: the use of Twitter as a data collection method 

Session 3 at 14.10 (both 1st and 2nd papers of session)

  1. Educating Professionals for a Networked Society: Investigation of the Tensions and Ambiguities between Professionalism and Social Media Practices of Final Year Pre-Service Professional Students 

2.        Social Media used as part of Co-Created Undergraduate Learning 

Session 4 at 14.55
Using YouTube as a social media tool to support and enhance students’ learning

Session 5 at 15.30
Empowering student learning through the development of a social media community to support computing students

No, this wasn’t in the joining instructions..
That’s because we only just decided when Twitter got excited. Friday is the official Christmas Jumper day, and it would be churlish if we didn’t join in. We’ll be sending a collection round at lunch and afternoon Break.We have two actual prizes to give away this year, which will be awarded to:

  • the most Christmassy Christmas Jumper
  • best pedagogic theme, while still clearly being a Christmas jumper (..this is an academic conference) that throws the competition wide open.

Rules: competitors must wear their jumpers during the dinner break, and Tweet a picture of themselves wearing it in front of the #SocMedHE16 Christmas tree, including the tags #SocMedHE16 and #ChristmasJumperDay.  Entries must be tweeted before 2pm on the day. We’re still thinking about the best and fairest way to judge it – but it’s the taking part that counts right?

Keep an eye on this page, as other things may be added to it.