Programme and pre-conference events – it’s all shaping up

It’s been a busy busy few days as we’ve cross-checked information, emails have flown around, and decisions have been made. The result of which means more information and content on the site: 

  • A first draft of the Conference Programme with abstracts & presenters. We’ll be adding to it in the coming days. If you’re a presenter and we’ve got something wrong, missed something off or spelled your name incorrectly – please let us know! 
  • Details of the pre-conference workshops have been announced, and we’re really pleased with the way they’re shaping up. These are going to be creative, lively, dynamic, fun and hopefully very useful.
  • Also plans are starting to crystallise for the pre-conference dinner. Forget your standard pre-conference affair, we’re going social. We’ll be avoiding the torment of Sheffield City centre on a Christmas night, and bedding down in SHU’s own restaurant for some decent food and company. (naturally there will be competitions and hashtags).