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October 18, 2019

ECI initiatives towards improving the departmental awarding gap

Previous DECI projects that were working towards understanding and narrowing the degree awarding gap in HE informed current departmental initiatives. As the main recommendation of gathered minoritised DECI student voice centred around the “lack of (cultural and racial) awareness around privilege and unconscious bias”, an event on departmental level that would address such issues collaboratively and openly seemed appropriate. This event served the purpose to facilitate and communicate interracial dialogue through a sensitive engagement with the “Stephen Lawrence Case”. It also enabled to remember his life and death but also resonated what lessons can be learnt from his case for an education department on a personal and professional level. This in turn can aid towards the improvement of cultural and racial awareness of privilege in the academia, where bias is challenged and can improve minoritised experience hence ideally their achievements.
A second initiative, which resulted from this event, was proposed to engage DECI staff in improving ‘racial literacy’. Hence I have been compiling material within an educational context to create a ‘resources pack’ that may inform DECI academic practice in this regard. This initiative has been completed and will be distributed before the next academic year for staff to implement into their respective courses.


For more information about this project please contact the project lead, Sehrish Tahir

Status: Ongoing