Sheffield LGBTQ+ Parenting Group

A new Facebook group for LGBTQ+ parents in Sheffield and those planning to become parents. This group is relatively new and if anyone would like to join they will be very welcome! It’s a closed group which means only group members will see things you post or comment on there.


Young people: not straight: not narrow

Young people are increasingly open to relationships with people from across the gender and sexuality spectrum, and rejecting identity labels. Is this a myth pushed by a small number of activists, celebrities and cultural commentators or is the gay-straight binary collapsing for young people in the UK? This talk will explore how young people’s lives are playing out in an era of dating technology, celebrity and the recent closure of LGBTQ youth groups and social venues. How do the ongoing challenges that young LGBTQ people face – bullying in education, harassment on the streets and difficult, sometimes violent, family responses to coming out – impact on their identity and behaviour? And what does this all mean for therapists who want to create safe, welcoming spaces that offer young people genuine connection, validation and the chance to heal and grow?

Student Support Services LGBT Students

A site mainly aimed at students, but full of useful information for staff too. It covers topics such as:

– The Sheffield LGBT scene

– Seeking advice

– Careers

Find it here!

Sheffield Walking Group

The members of our gay walking group love hiking throughout the beautiful Peak District of England and beyond. They are fun, friendly and active.


Stonewall Diversity Champion newsletter

Stonewall’s new newsletter for Diversity Champion Programme members highlighting good practice and tips and info on upcoming events.


Mindline Trans+

The service operates on Mondays and Fridays of each week from 8pm until midnight by Trans+ volunteers and allies. MindLine Trans+ offers emotional support to people who are Trans+, A Gender, Gender Fluid and Non-binary and anyone wanting to talk about their gender identity. The helpline is also there to offer support and information to family and friends.

Mindline flyer

LGBT+ Reading List

The aim of this Reading List is to highlight many of the LGBT+ books, journal articles and resources including DVDs, picture books and comics within the Library.