Roland Barthes Reading

Purpose of the proposed group
The group serves not only as an environment in which a text is discussed, but also as a community allowing a space to think more rigorously about the process of reading, and its relation to writing. Affiliation with the Guild project at Sheffield Hallam would allow this group to move forwards from this testing phase, into medium;disseminating a model that can be appropriated by any discipline or level of education to strengthen bonds in their respective communities, and adopt a vigorous approach to reading and writing in their field.

Objectives of the proposed group

  • The general objective of this group is to become a community in which the act of reading and writing, integral to most University disciplines, may be looked at more rigorously, in order to improve the academic output of each member involved.
  • The group is a participatory forum providing a new model of how such groups can function to provide new skillsets and ways of communicating initially for the immediate participants, and eventually a wider audience.
  • To create a publicly open and accessible event at which national and international writers and practitioners from varying disciplines will speak, run workshops, or facilitate open discussions around Barthes, translation, writing and reading.
  • Name: Louise Finney