Migration, Refuge and the University

Purpose of the proposed group
The group will champion issues around migration and migrant communities within the University. It will celebrate the contributions of international, migrant and displaced academics, researchers, students and professional staff within the Hallam community. It will highlight the position of the University as an active participant within a global academic community. It will seek to grow the University’s stature in this role through engagement with and support for vulnerable and displaced scholars at Hallam and worldwide. It will seek to develop resources and networks, both internally and externally, to support new applied research and collaboration around themes of migration and refuge in Sheffield and globally.

Objectives of the proposed group

  • Build expertise and capacity
  • Share good practice
  • To strengthen engagement with local and regional migrant communities
  • To strengthen engagement with national and international migrant communities through active expert and institutional participation
  • To champion issues of migration among Hallam students, staff and alumni

Group main contacts
Name: Dr Jonathan Bridge
Role: Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography; SHU liaison for Council for At-Risk Academics
Email address: j.w.bridge@shu.ac.uk