Academic Advising UKAT Community of Practice

Who are we?

This new Hallam Guild group aims to build a Community of Practice (CoP), drawing together staff from across the institution interested in the development and implementation of Academic Advising. Supported by Hallam’s Institutional UKAT Membership (UK Advising and Tutoring) with core CoP members holding UKAT memberships.

The CoP will be instrumental in the development of academic advising practice by:

  • Holding regular quarterly meetings with practice development at the heart of its work.
  • Co-ordinating research into student perceptions of Academic Advising to help shape practice ideally with student researchers as co-authors.
  • Supporting the engagement with and completion of UKAT Professional Recognition submissions.

The Academic Advising work, as part of the Student Support Triangle, under pins Hallam’s Transforming Lives strategy and explicitly the CoP will facilitate the Collaborate element of the Hallam Model Principles.


Melissa Jacobi, Head of Academic Advising
melissa [dot] jacobi [at] shu [dot] ac [dot] uk