WBL Assessment

The End Point Assessment is the point at which KSBs will be synoptically assessed. All on Program modules should include assessment that facilitates the development of KSBs.

The Training Plan (previously called the Commitment Statement) has been further developed to set out the employer led activities.  These should be used to optimise the integration of work based experience into assessment in each module.

This guide to Assessment for the Development of KSBs provides advice and a menu of approaches to enhance WBL assessment.  The intention is to support Apprentices to develop knowledge skills and behaviours relevant to their Apprenticeship Standard and to achieve the targets and development required to pass their End Point Assessment. This also helps to embed the Apprenticeship Essentials. 

The Document includes a baseline approach that can be adapted, refined and implemented in the context of each module and the KSBs to be developed.

Case Study of Assessment Review: Senior Leader

In response to to Apprentice feedback the Senior Leader (Postgraduate) Apprenticeship was reviewed to enhance the delivery of Apprenticeship Essentials and End Point Assessment support in particular. 

This was a collaborative exercise led by the Head of Department, the Principal Lecturer with oversite of the postgraduate Apprenticeship Delivery in Department of Management and Head of Work Based Learning in BESE. The provision is delivered also in the Department of Finance Accounting and Business, so the work spanned across those departments and the Module Leaders.

All module assessments were reviewed and workshops held to set the scene.  The Assessment vehicles were commended for very strong work based learning opportunities, but there was room for improvement in terms of supporting the Apprenticeship journey to End Point Assessment and embedding the Apprenticeship Essentials.

Workshops were convened to set the scene, then review potential changes within the holistic assessment package for the course. To support implementation a series of follow-on drop in workshops were held to work through the implications for teaching and assessment practice. In addition to specific changes, the team agreed to a common critical reflection element in all assignment briefs, which was developed through share practice. Here are the key materials and outputs (so far) from a very positive Assessment Review: