Should we do this Apprenticeship?

SHU commenced delivery of its first apprenticeship in 2015. Our model for work based learning has evolved through the WBL Guild community of best practice – responding to a rapidly changing quality assurance landscape and funding rules, not least and our own ambitions to establish a National Centre for Excellence for Degree Apprenticeships.

The Apprenticeship and Work Based Learning Steering Group is chaired by the Pro Vice Chancellor for Business and Enterprise and oversees the whole Apprenticeship portfolio (including your new proposal!) and how it gets the backing of your College, Department and the support you will need from BESE.

Additionally, to help get started, please review this top-line overview with links to critical information:Creating a new apprenticeship May 2020

To understand the business case for your apprenticeship you will need a full understanding of the design approach (see section on “Developing an Apprenticeship Course” – tab above) and have regard to the Apprenticeship Funding Band.

Your department needs to use the Apprenticeship Costing Model to work through the business case for your specific delivery and requirements of the End Point Assessment.

Contact your Finance lead and also Rosalind Crossley in central Finance for further advice and to discuss the cost implications of the specific Assessment Plan.