AWBL Framework

The key documents for developing and approving an Apprenticeship with SHU are found in the AQS Sharepoint site here:

You will need to complete a different template for the Apprenticeship Course Document and supply an overview narrative about the Apprenticeship (again in  specific template).

There are specific Apprenticeship Modules to use that cover (for example at Undergraduate level):

  • WBL Personal and Professional Development Modules (typically 20 credits, required at every level)
  • WBL Project Modules (required at every level, typically 40 credits at level 4 and 5, with variation at level 6 depending on the Gateway and End Point Assessment)
  • Other Apprenticeship Modules (20, or 40 credits, to meet the needs of the Apprenticeship, i.e. designed to meet employer, learner and regulatory requirements, using a specific apprenticeship template)

Take a look at the section on designing the EPA.  There is a  Screen Cast to explain how the Apprenticeship and Work Based Learning Framework provides a specific design-approach that is the hallmark of SHU’s nationally recognised Apprenticeship capability:

  • Additionally you will need to complete a mapping document to show how the Apprenticeship Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours are embedded in the Programme.  These are now referred to as part of “Training Plans“, which provide the employer with clarity and direction about how work experience and the modules should integrate. See the Resource Section.
  • The Panel will also be keen to understand how Apprenticeships Essentials have been embedded (More information here 
  • There is a template for estimating the breakdown of 20% Off-The-Job-Training for the duration of the Apprenticeship, which will generate a pie chart to include in the Apprenticeship Commitment Statement. 

Linda Hall, Senior Quality Officer in AQS can supply the up-to-date templates and along with Sam Moorwood, head of Work Based – support is on tap.