Welcome to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships (HDA) at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU).

What is this resource for? To inform the design and delivery of courses that include HDA provision at SHU, including their Work-Based Learning (WBL) elements, to achieve the necessary compliance requirements and embed best practice.

This resource emphasis those areas where Apprenticeship courses must be designed and delivered to support compliance with the Apprenticeship funding rules. A major part of this is ensuring the apprentice is supported by the provider (SHU) and also the employer.

This resource does not attempt to provide advice on systems and process compliance and is limited to guidance on academic course design and delivery, where this relates to compliance, please review our full caveat, below.

Introduction to DEEP and HDAs from LTA Multimedia on Vimeo.

The purpose of the toolkit and EPA from LTA Multimedia on Vimeo.

Who is this resource for? Anyone who needs to know more about HDA and WBL provision. This includes essentials guidance, support and content ideas.

How has it been designed? The navigation bar helps access content easily. Each page is designed as a standalone resource. Together the pages comprise a structured essentials reference and resource, so do take some time to explore the site fully.

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Compliance Requirement Compliance requirement a HDA essential
Good Practice Badge Good Practice a WBL desirable for excellent student experience and/or effective course management
Case Study Badge Case study inclusion Compliance and Good Practice in action
“The legislation, guidance and funding rules for Degree Apprenticeships change rapidly.  This resource is for general information and guidance and should not be read in isolation from the Apprenticeship rules.

SHU staff are advised to contact BESE and in turn Legal Services in progressing the design and delivery of Apprenticeship courses and to check for any changes.  SHU accepts no liability for external parties who might seek to rely on this resource in the absence of their own expertise and legal guidance”.

Help us develop! This is intended to be a growing resource to promote a ‘community of practice’ around HDA provision. If you have any feedback or success stories worth sharing, please get in touch using the contact us page.

This resource was published by the Directorate of Business Engagement Skills and Employability (BESE) in February 2017 and the content is open to all under a CC license 4.0, beyond SHU, by default.