Sheffield Hallam University's Applied Projects allow private, public and third sector organisations to collaborate with students to tackle a challenge or problem, set out by organisations.

The opportunities in which our students can support organisations can be varied and wide-ranging, from market research, web design and animation to journalism, occupational therapy and everything in-between. See our full list of Applied Project categories.

Our Case Studies page provides examples of previous applied projects.

Students typically work in small groups, although this is not always the case, within university term time – with projects lasting approximately 10-12 weeks in either semester one or two. Semester one takes place between October – December and semester two takes place between February – April/May.

Graphic showing when projects typically take place. Semester one is October - December. Semester Two is February to April or May.

Students undertake applied projects as a learning opportunity, accredited as part of their degree course, which helps them to develop key skills for their future careers. For some of our students, undertaking these projects may be a key route to getting work experience. In turn, organisations gain access to students' specialist skills, knowledge and insight.

There is no fee for working with the University on applied projects. However, any costs relating to the outcome of the project, for example, web hosting or printing of marketing collateral are your responsibility.

“Balmoral found the whole process really interesting as we had no reference point to measure anything against. The outcomes have been quite astounding for us. Our project objectives were fully met. What was most pleasing was the attitude, focus and commitment shown by the students. Truly excellent candidates as the future generation of business people.”
Simon Scott, Balmoral

Benefits and Responsibilities

Benefits to Organisations

Working with students on applied projects can:

  • Help with projects organisations struggled to commit the time or resource to.
  • Provide organisations with fresh insight, skills and specialist knowledge.
  • Access to growing talent and your future workforce.
  • Add value to organisations and the communities they are part of.

Organisation’s Responsibilities

  • Students work independently, however, relevant health and safety measures and insurances need to be in place, in the event of students visiting your premises.
  • When submitting a project(s) we will require you to agree to our terms and conditions.
  • If the project involves working with any sensitive information you may request that the students sign a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA), provided, administered and stored by the University.
  • It’s your responsibility to retrieve copies of work done for you by students before the end of the project, as the University does not save copies of these.

“We went into the programme with high expectations of what the students could deliver, and we were not disappointed! Working with the team enabled us to generate insight beyond that which we could achieve on our own. A fantastic way of accessing and showcasing the talent that is being developed in universities in Sheffield.”
Ross Angus, Twinkl

Get Involved

Project submissions have now closed for this semester.

Organisations will be able to submit projects towards summer 2021, in preparation for the new academic year, starting in October 2021.

The process of getting involved in applied projects:

  1. Discuss proposed applied projects with the Applied Projects team.
  2. Submit your project requirements via the Project Scoping Form by 13th August 2021.
  3. Projects are advertised to students (October or February respectively).
  4. If a project is chosen, an initial meeting is arranged between organisations and the student group involved.
  5. Students then work on the project throughout an academic semester (10-12 weeks), keeping in touch via email.
  6. Project Outcomes are shared with organisations towards the end of the project, either by a presentation and/or report.

Get in Touch

Please get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements, to find out more about the Applied Projects process or to ask any questions you may have.