Savings suggestions

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their cost saving suggestions and examples of where savings are being made locally.  A summary of these can be found below.  If you can implement any of these ideas locally please do so.  Suggestions that need to be considered centrally will be taken forward by the project team.

Please continue to consider all ways in which we might deliver better value for money, whether large or small, in your team or as an individual.  Share your cost savings ideas by emailing ! Non-pay Initiatives.

Updated 24 September 2018


Catering and collection choices

  • Can we do ‘click and collect’ on smaller items in catering e.g. 6 bottles of water?
  • Can FD develop more choices for catering packages?

A revised hospitality offer is being introduced from 1st October 2018 and has been extended to include significantly lower prices on entry-level sandwich lunches. Look out for more detail on the new menus on the hospitality intranet pages over the coming weeks.

 Ordering catering

  • Order less catering at meetings. Saves money and reduces food waste.
  • When ordering catering consider a cheaper option e.g. working lunch instead of a buffet.
  • When booking a room it should be clear which rooms allow catering and which don’t.

When requesting a room you can select whether the room has catering available under Equipment and Room Type. To select more than one option i.e. ‘catering allowed’ and ‘meeting room with IT’ hold the CTRL key and select your choices.

Visitor vouchers / SHUcard hospitality purse

Water coolers

  • Have more water coolers and signpost where they are.

Facilities Directorate are currently looking at the availability and signage of water coolers with a view to making them more accessible. They are also reviewing the use of free standing water coolers across campuses replacing as many as possible with more effective and hygienic water cooling taps.


Organising and managing meetings

  • When organising a meeting be clear whether agenda and papers will be projected on to the screen. This would reduce the amount of papers that people bring to meetings.
  • Use Convene (board management software) for managing meetings.

Printing green / light

  • Share instructions about how to print green / print light.
  • Change default settings on MFDs to support green printing.
  • Remove desktop printers.
  • SHU to provide training on paperless technology to reduce the amount of printing.
  • Data retention policy – be clear about what can be stored electronically and what must be printed and stored.

We are currently discussing options for paperless working and the technology required to support this and aim to provide an update soon.

Document production

  • If producing documents for electronic use, use colour. If producing documents that need to be printed produce in black and white.
  • HR staff recruitment packs – could we do more online to reduce the amount of printing e.g. annotate the documents electronically?

The pdf of application forms that is provided from HROD can be annotated using the ‘speech bubble’ icon on the menu bar (insert sticky notes). Comments can then be saved on the document and circulated to other staff involved in the recruitment.  Where possible staff are also encouraged to print a single copy of the application pack and share this around the short listing panel rather than each member printing a copy each.


Ordering stationery

  • Reuse stock rather than throwing away e.g. plastic wallets
  • Only order what you need (no need to stock up ‘just in case’)
  • Order paper from the Print Unit instead of Office Depot as it’s cheaper (£12.50 per box)
  • If you are responsible for ordering stationery don’t email staff to ask if they want anything, wait until they ask.
  • Stop buying plastic cups to use with the water coolers – saves money and is better for the environment.
  • Stop buying / using compliment slips.

Following a number of questions and suggestions around stationery a ‘swap before you shop’ list is now available.  If you have any unwanted stationery items that could be used (or re-used) by someone else please list them here. If you are responsible for ordering stationery please ‘swap before you shop’ and check the spread sheet to see if anyone else has the item available..

 Surplus stationery

  • Use eView classifieds to advertise surplus stationery / offer to other areas of the University
  • Donate unwanted stationery somewhere centrally
  • Have a stationery amnesty and use up what is in cupboards across SHU before ordering more.

We are currently looking at ways we can co-ordinate the sharing of stationery across the University.

Share supplies

  • Share stationery supplies between banks of desks e.g. 1 stapler per bank of desks rather than every individual having a stapler, scissors etc.
  • Combine stocks of stationery with other areas.
  • Have one stationery store per building.


  • Brand all SHU stationery as ‘Sheffield Hallam’ instead of using faculty/department specific branding.
  • Put flipchart / whiteboard pens in rooms so that staff don’t keep pens individually.
  • Train staff to work digitally instead of writing in notepads.


Discount / free travel between campuses

  • Buy an NUS extra discount card to get access to over 200 student discounts, including travel. Choose a one year card for £12, a two year card for £22 or a three year card for £32.  Travel on any Sheffield bus for £1.20; weekly passes available from £9.
  • Travel between City and Collegiate campuses on the Students’ Union free shuttle bus. The service is available on weekdays throughout term-time to staff and students with a SHU card (students get first priority).

Attending meetings

  • If travel is required to attend a conference / meeting send only one person and ask that person to feedback on their return.
  • Skype instead of travel.


  • Apply the mandatory hotel rate of £90 (outside of London) to external visitors staying in Sheffield.
  • Let staff know that the Travel Management Company will price match.



  • Lots of departments have subscriptions to corporate publications e.g. Times Higher, Survey Monkey etc. Could the University buy one corporate subscription for the whole organisation?
  • Where possible change subscriptions for newsletters / magazines to digital subscriptions as these are often cheaper than print subscriptions and more environmentally friendly.


Remove dishwashers and kettles from local kitchens.

DSE Equipment

Order DSE equipment from one supplier rather than buying from anywhere

PC Monitors

Switch of your PC monitor at the end of the day. The ‘think act save’ page gives more information on what you can do to help.