From April 2018 the Strategy Pillar Boards are all held in the same week of each month to

  • help provide a simpler monthly cycle of reporting to remove duplication and provide clarity
  • review by the Pillar Board before going to University Leadership Team (ULT)

Monthly updates are provided through a stream of operational reports which are aggregated into the Strategic Pillar Board Report.  A fuller update of performance is reported on a quarterly basis, including updates of progress on faculty and professional service plans.

Reporting Templates

The Templates are specific to each board and are available through the links below.

By using these links provided each time a template is needed, you have access to the most up to date versions.  Amendments will be kept to the very minimum but are sometimes unavoidable due to a need for certain information.

Please be careful to ensure you don’t save your completed reports over the templates as this will impede future use by all SROs and yourself.

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Alongside the Report Templates, within the reporting section on each hub further information is provided including an explanation of the different templates, the reporting/timings schedule to July 2019 (note this is individual to each board) and an explanation of the different reporting roles.

For any queries regarding reporting please contact ! Portfolio Co-ordination.