Terms of reference


Civic University Agreement Task and Finish Group


1. Purpose
The Group has been established to provide advice and guidance in the development of a Civic University Agreement.
2. Role
The Group has the following responsibilities:

  • To review the feedback received via staff, student, public and stakeholder engagement and determine the best possible route forward.
  • To consider how the University should continue to engage with stakeholders.
  • To commission research into relevant good practice and review the University’s performance against these standards.
  • To agree recommendations for the development of a Civic University Agreement.
3. Membership
Chair: Roger Eccleston, PVC Research and Global Engagement

Supported by: Laura Ottery and Jacqui Robinson

Representation from:

  • UK Student Recruitment
  • Business Engagement, Skills and Enterprise
  • Research and Innovation Office
  • Human Resources and Organisational Development
  • The Students’ Union
  • Facilities Directorate
  • Academic Faculty
  • A Faculty Strategic Business Partner


Secretary: Michael Cambell from Communications

4. Meetings
The Group will aim to meet every 6-8 weeks from March 2019, and will complete its work by the end of the 2019/20 academic year.