Civic University Agreement Task and Finish Group

The Civic University Agreement Task and Finish Group has been established to provide guidance and a steer on the development of the Civic University Agreement. This group will report into the Regional Engagement sub-group of LLEG. The University Leadership Team will also receive periodic updates on progress.

Objectives and desired outcomes for the group are:

  • To co-create an agreement with other local anchor institutions
  • For the agreement to contain a clear plan of action which has been developed by strategic analysis, local engagement and prioritisation
  • For the agreement to contain clear measures of impact that allows the community to monitor the progress being made
  • To be a recognised area of good civic practice
  • To develop a clearer narrative of what Sheffield Hallam does and how the community can get involved, and for this to be understood throughout the University


Members of the group from across the University can be found below and you can contact them to feed in to the group.

Prof. Roger Eccleston (Chair) PVC Research and Global Engagement Vice-Chancellor’s Office
Michael Cambell (Secretary) Internal Communications Officer Communications
Kelly Cookson HR Manager, Strategic Projects Human Resources and Organisational Development
Dr Niamh Downing Head of Humanities Social Sciences and Humanities
Jessica Inglis Head of Widening Participation and Outreach Admissions and UK Student Recruitment
Daniel Lally Head of Business Engagement and Growth Business Engagement, Skills and Employability
Jill Nanson Faculty Strategic Business Partner for STA Faculty Services
Laura Ottery Head of Vice-Chancellor’s Office Vice-Chancellor’s Office
Jacqui Robinson Director of
Communications and
Recruitment, Communications and Marketing
Mark Rooker Commercial Development Manager Facilities Directorate
Tim Strickland Economic Development Policy Manager Research and Innovation Office
Ian Turgoose Acting Head of External Communications Communications
Jenine Watt Student Opportunities Manager Student’s Union

The terms of reference for the group can be found here.

If you have any queries regarding the Civic University Agreement, please contact us at