Non-Pay Savings FAQs

Updated 30 November 2018

Device Policy

When will the new device bundles apply to my role?

The new technology bundles linked to roles and outlined in the device policy will be phased in as new role descriptions are developed through the Professional Services Operating Model and Academic Operating Model.

What should I do if I require equipment that isn’t identified in my role?

The University has spent time looking at the technology bundles which should be associated with particular roles and determined what is appropriate for each one. If you have a specific requirement which isn’t covered by this bundle, you may be able to borrow or share equipment where necessary for a particular purpose. Please talk to your line manager and they will discuss your needs with Digital Technology Services.

How often will equipment be replaced?

It depends on the type of equipment and how heavily it has been used. We no longer automatically replace after a set length of time. We are able to automatically analyse the use a piece of equipment has had over its lifetime and check for identified faults to help us make the most of the University’s assets.

What should I do with my equipment if leave SHU?

When you leave Sheffield Hallam University (or change roles within the University) you should return any equipment to your line manager who will use the online IT Self-service request form to notify Digital Technology Services.  It will then be reallocated to another member of staff.


Can we do more to reduce food waste?

Yes! The new hospitality policy sets out when catering should be provided and the most cost efficient way to order this, but all staff are encouraged not to ‘over cater’ and waste food. The university also aims to reduce waste through the sustainability policy and we work with local partners to achieve this.


Can I still buy giveaway/freebie items but use a non-marketing nominal code?

No, giveaway items and freebies should not be purchased as their impact cannot be measured accurately and return on investment is thought to be very low. In 2017/18, £60k was spent across the University on promotional giveaways.

The item isn’t listed in the University gift shop what do I do?

Please contact Facilities Directorate Commercial Services in the first instance. It may be that the item is currently out of stock or if a volume of requests are made for a certain item it may become viable and cost effective to purchase.

How can I order a pen with my faculty / course name on it?

The new guidelines state that items to be given away for free should not be purchased. If there is a specific reason for the purchase of pens, Sheffield Hallam University pens can be purchased from the University gift shop.  We recommend that bespoke pens detailing Sub brands/Faculty/Course information are not purchased.

Can I add some bespoke printing to an item on the University gift shop (such as a name on a t shirt)?

The new guidelines state that items to be given away for free should not be purchased. If there is a specific reason for the purchase of bespoke printed items this should be discussed with the Facilities Directorate Commercial Services team in the first instance.

I want to purchase a large quantity of merchandise items how do I get a quote?

The new guidelines state that items to be given away for free should not be purchased. If there is a specific reason for the purchase of a large quantity of merchandise items or bespoke printed items please discuss this with Facilities Directorate Commercial services in the first instance. Commercial can get quotes on any volume of existing products within 48hours if appropriate.

Mobile phones

I don’t require a mobile phone for my role but may wish to occasionally borrow a mobile phone to use on University business.  Is this possible?

Yes, a limited number of loan phones are available and be borrowed by contacting the IT Service Desk on x3333.

Why does the University use a Crown Contract Services (government framework) contract – cheaper packages are available through standard providers like O2.

The government proactively encourages public bodies such as the university, to engage with the market by working collaboratively. Were we to move away from accessing the Crown’s service, we would be creating additional administration costs that the government would consider not delivering value for money.

When you deal with a contract with several hundred handsets, with a broad scope of usage patterns over international boundaries, the total cost of ownership of the contract has to be considered. Sometimes, due to the cost of the contract as a whole, the basic free UK phone calls bundle may not be the best on the market, as we have focused on the data bundles where the majority of our expenditure resides.

The charges have all been negotiated based on our needs as an organisation as a whole. A very small number of individuals are likely to have a marginal increase in cost, where their usage pattern does not reflect the majority of users. Nonetheless we will see a 50% reduction in cost once it has been invoked against the total cost of the contract.


Why do we have such big stocks of stationery, can we use eview or donate unwanted stationery to other areas or have a central store?

Following a number of questions and suggestions around stationery a ‘swap before you shop’ list is now available.  If you have any unwanted stationery items that could be used (or re-used) by someone else please list them here. If you are responsible for ordering stationery please ‘swap before you shop’ and check the spread sheet to see if anyone else as the item available.

Why don’t we buy our paper from Tesco, it’s cheaper than Office Depot?

The paper supplied to Tesco or other supermarkets is designed for domestic printers rather than the large Multifunctional Devices (MFD) i.e. photocopiers used across campus. These require ‘low dust’ paper to avoid jamming regularly which is cheaper to buy in bulk from Office Depot.

Item X is cheaper on Amazon than Office Depot

We have a full ‘basket of goods’ that we buy from Office Depot which is market tested nationally. Whilst on individual items it can appear cheaper to buy from Amazon across the institution it is more efficient to use one system compared to processing individual claims through purchase cards and staff expenses.

Can I buy luxury / specific stationery items from Office Depot?

Standard items are available to purchase from Office Depot.  Individuals who wish to purchase luxury or specific stationery items should do so at their own expense.


Can I subscribe to Survey Monkey and reclaim it on expenses or pay on purchase card?

SHU has a number of survey tools available to staff and an enquiry to the DTS Service Desk would enable staff to use one of them. Therefore staff must not purchase survey tools individually through expenses or purchase cards.

SHU does not have an institutional license for Survey Monkey as there is information security weaknesses in its offering.

Please note: Where a Survey Monkey subscription has already been purchased there is a 14 calendar days cancellation period, details of which can be found on the link below:


If I am away overnight on University business and choose to stay with friends/family instead of staying in a hotel can I buy them dinner/give them a gift?

As stated in the staff expenses policy “where a member of staff chooses to make arrangements to stay with friends or family a claim cannot be made for accommodation costs or gifts given in return. Staff members can only claim for their own subsistence in accordance with 7.5 of the policy and cannot claim for taking friends/family for a meal.”


Can I buy travel and accommodation online rather than using Clarity as it’s cheaper?

Whilst for an individual it can seem less cost effective for us to use a Travel Management Company such as Clarity to book travel, for the institution as a whole this is more efficient. Overall it is more cost effective to administer one system for travel booking across the University compared to the processing of travel through purchase cards and staff expenses. Having visibility of all travel costs through one system can also enable us to drive down costs. By using a Travel Management Company we are also able to know where staff are and keep them safe.

How did we set the maximum hotel rate of £90 for hotels outside of London?

The maximum rate will only be needed for a small number of bookings as 80% of hotel bookings are already below £90.  If we can reduce the remaining 20% of bookings to under £90 the University would save approximately £40,000.

What if I cannot find a room for less than £90 in the location I am booking?

There may be certain times where due to high supply and demand in a city that you may not be able to find a hotel under £90.  In these instances Clarity will not make your booking (go2book or offline) as it is outside of the University’s policy limits.  You should obtain approval from Finance by emailing ! Finance (Travel).  Finance will then contact Clarity to arrange an exception.

Why can’t I book through AirBnB – it’s cheaper?

Although AirBnBs can be cheaper than hotels the University’s primary concern is for the safety of our staff. We don’t currently believe that AirBnB provides sufficient safeguards for users and therefore our policy is to not use AirBnB. However this may be reviewed in future if AirBnB increases it’s management of property owners, insurance and property safety.

Not all UK hotels are available via Clarity

Clarity’s go2book travel booking site offers 250,000+ hotel options including all major hotel chains worldwide, including Travelodge and Premier Inn and content from both Expedia and Laterooms.

I am booking a conference with accommodation which comes with a preferential rate.  Do I have to use the Travel Management Company to make the booking?

As stated in the staff expenses policy “where accommodation is included as an integral part of the conference fee the accommodation may be booked as part of the conference and treated as a conference fee.  Where accommodation is offered separately it must be booked via the Travel Management Company”.

What happens if I turn up at a hotel and the hotel says they do not have details of my booking / have not received payment from Clarity?

Show the hotel reception your booking confirmation from Clarity, or call Clarity on their 24 hour helpline: 0333 0146096.

I need to book in-country travel while I’m abroad, do I have to use the Travel Management Company for this?

As stated in the staff travel policy “arrangements for internal travel in an overseas country should, wherever possible and practicable be arranged by the University’s Travel Management Company or by the staff in the University’s overseas office”.

Can I claim expenses for taxi journeys?

Staff members are expected to use public transport wherever possible, but if there is no feasible alternative taxi fares may be reclaimed. Claims must set out the reasons why a taxi was required over public transport and must be supported by a receipt.  Please see section 7.2.12 of the staff expenses policy for specific conditions relating to taxis before incurring any personal expense.

Can I use a taxi for inter-site travel?

The use of taxis for journeys between the University campuses will not be reimbursed except in exceptional circumstances. Where claims are made, full justification must be detailed, with the receipt and budget holder approval attached to the claim on Core.

How do I get set up on go2book travel booking system?

When using the go2book system for the first time enter your SHU email address and click ‘recover password’.  You will be sent an email with instructions explaining how to reset your password.

Can I use my purchase card / claim staff expenses to top up my Oyster card?

As stated in the staff expenses policy “the cost of topping up an Oyster card cannot be claimed as a business expense, however the cost of using the Oyster card for specific business trips can be claimed through staff expenses”.  The expenses procedures explain how to do this.

Can I use my purchase card / claim staff expenses for a FastTrak pass through airport security?

No, this cannot be claimed as a business expense.

How can I book / pay for airport parking?

The following purchasing routes can be used to book / pay for airport parking:

  • by contacting the Travel Management Company
  • by University purchase card
  • by personal expense and claiming back through the staff expenses process

All purchase card and staff expense parking claims must be supported by a valid parking ticket or receipt.

We offer staff discounted car parking in the city centre – do we pay the NCP for this discount?

No, the University has an arrangement with the NCP and other city centre car parks but we do not pay for this.