Decision making

From April 2018 the Strategy Pillar Boards are all held in the same week of each month to

  • help provide a simpler monthly cycle of reporting to remove duplication and provide clarity
  • review by the Pillar Board before going to University Leadership Team (ULT)

Monthly updates are provided through a stream of operational reports which are aggregated into the Strategic Pillar Board Report.  A fuller update of performance is reported on a quarterly basis, including updates of progress on faculty and professional service plans.

Reporting Streams

Report Name Operational  / Strategic Focus Responsible
Initiative Report Operational Detailed reports used by the Initiative’s governance group for reviewing monthly progress against plans and milestones Senior Response Officer (SRO)*
Work stream Report Operational Similar focus to initiative report Project Managers / Work stream leads
Pillar Board Report (PBR) Strategic An overview on the progress of Work streams and initiatives for review by each board. Focus on what’s new or changed.  Aggregated from the operational reports, and Financials added Strategic Portfolio and Business Change
University Performance Report (IUPR) Strategic Consolidation of the four Pillar Board Report for update at  ULT Strategic Planning and Intelligence

*(or ULT lead where no SRO has been identified) 

All reports include a Red Amber Green rating scale – red and amber are used for highlighting challenging issues.

Reporting Timings

The timings for reporting for the 2018-19 academic year are currently being finalised.  They will be provided below as soon as they become available.  In the meantime if you have any queries contact ! Portfolio Co-ordination.

Requirements / Timings January February March April
Initiative and Work stream Reports submitted to:
! Portfolio Co-ordination and relevant Strategic Portfolio Manager
(BGU – Alison Hill, SF – Claire Ward, CK and LLEG- Clare Boot)
Aggregation into Pillar Board Report (PBR) by Stategic Portfolio and Business Change (SPBC)
Circulation of Pillar Board Reports to Board Members
Board Meeting – Leading Locally and Engaging Globally (LLEG) Tue 15 Tue 12
Board Meeting – Building a Great University (BaGU) Tue 15 Tue 12 Tue 12 Tue 9
Board Meeting – Shaping Futures (SF) Thu 17 Thu 14 Thu 14 Thu 11
Board Meeting – Creating Knowledge (CK) Thu 17 Thu 14
PBR Consolidation by Strategic Planning and Intelligence (SPI) into University Performance Report (UPR)
University Leadership Team (ULT) Meeting

Reporting Roles

What? Work stream Report Initiative Report Pillar Board Report ULT UPR Board of Governors UPR


Work stream Lead

(Project Manager / Work stream lead)


(Project Manager / SRO)

Pillar Board Chair




Signs off SRO ULT Lead Pillar Board Chair n/a Vice-Chancellor
Challenges ULT Lead Governance group Pillar Board ULT Board

**Not every initiative has a Project Manager**