University Planning Framework and Strategic Steer

University Strategic Plans

2020/21 – 2022/23 strategic plans from the University’s 5 Planning Units are now live and being implemented:

BTE Strategic Plan 2020-2023

HWLS Strategic Plan 2020-2023

SSA Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Research Institutes Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Professional Services Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Below these 5 strategic plans, are operational plans at Department, Research Centre, Directorate, Service, or Team level, that capture the detailed actions that contribute to delivery of the strategic plans.

University Planning Framework and Strategic Steer, guidance, tools and templates that were used in this year’s planning process:

University Planning Steer FINAL 12 02 2020 – v2
Guide to planning reports on the Source
2020 02 27 Strategic plan template
Operational plan template

Quarterly performance and progress review
The University reviews performance and progress against our strategic plans on a quarterly basis

–  BoG Q1 Summary v1

For more information on the University’s planning and monitoring cycles, what happens and when, and how you can get involved, please visit:

Planning, Risk and Compliance