Specialist Study Skills

A service for students who have a Learning Difficulty or Disability e.g. dyslexia

We offer weekly Group Workshops and short One to One Tutorials with a multisensory approach, delivered by Specialist Tutors in Learning Centres at both campuses.

Sessions are aimed at supporting students to learn how to approach work in ways suited to their learning style with a focus on developing & transferring new skills to learning & life.

How to access this service.

Book a session from our Workshop ProgrammeWe are adding new workshops regularly so please keep checking back.

Understanding your Learning Style & Strengths

Develop an understanding of yourself as a learner. Find out how your learning difficulty or difference affects you. Learn how to identify & work to your strengths, developing strategies to succeed in your study.  Book here.

Effective Learning: Strategies to improve retention of learning

Learn how memory & processing affect your learning. Develop strategies to become more effective & efficient in your learning. Book here.

Managing Workload & Organisational Skills

Learn how to plan and organise time effectively to manage your workload using a multisensory approach. Book here.

Assignment Briefs & Planning

Learn how to understand assignment briefs in order to meet learning outcomes. Learn how to create a plan to answer assignments fully. Book here.

Critical Thinking

Develop an understanding of what critical thinking is & explore ways to critically analyse texts to develop your argument in assignments. Book here.

Reading Effectively

Learn strategies to become a more effective & efficient reader. Book here.

Writing: Structure and Composition

Develop an understanding of the planning process, learn how to structure your essays effectively, write in coherent paragraphs, adding polish to your essays. Book here.

Writing: Expression and Academic Language

Develop an understanding of academic writing style. Learn how to write formally using academic expression & phrases. Book here.

Writing: Accuracy and Proofreading Strategies

Learn how to identify common mistakes & develop strategies to improve accuracy in your writing. Learn about tools to help with editing and proofreading. Book here. 

Reflective Writing

Develop an understanding of standard content and structure for effective reflective writing. Book here.

Research Skills & Literature Reviews

Develop an understanding of the process & content of a Literature Review. Book here.

Revision & Memory

Develop an understanding of how you retain information best and how to approach revision to work to your strengths. Book here.

Making the most of Lectures and Notetaking

Develop an understanding of how to make the most of your lectures and learn strategies to improve your notetaking skills. Book here.

Assessment & Using Feedback

Develop an understanding of assessment criteria & learn how to make the most of your feedback to improve future assignments. Book here.

Group Work & Presentation Skills

Learn how to plan, structure & deliver presentations and participate in group work effectively. Book here.

Specialist Study Skills Tutorials

20 – 30 minute one to one sessions to discuss your learning needs & find out where to access support. You will have the opportunity to complete a skills inventory to identify strengths & areas for development to succeed with study. These sessions are currently limited to 2 per student. Tutorial dates coming soon.