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Finding the Bridge

The Bridge is located within Adsetts Library above the café and at Collegiate Library in room 0.01.  All Academic Skills workshops and forums are delivered from these locations.


Students are welcome to work within the Bridge space, but please be aware you may be asked to move if the area has been booked for a session.  As some sessions occur within the open space, we ask that noise be kept to a minimum to allow services to run effectively.  The map and description below offers guidance as to which areas are regularly used for sessions and which are open for study at all times.

  • Cafe Area – An open space to work in. No sessions happen in this area.
  • The Campfire – A space encouraging discussion. No sessions happen in this area.
  • Seminar Booth – A space encouraging collaborative work. This area is regularly used by services.
  • Group work pods – A space encouraging groups to work together. No sessions happen in this area.
  • The Pod – An area for small group sessions. This area is regularly used.
  • Maths and Stats area – An area primarily for maths and statistics. Maths and Stats support operate from this area.
  • The Classroom – A space for large workshops. This area is not accessible to students unless a workshop is operating there.


Bridge Map