The Bridge is a skills resource and development centre in Adsetts Library. It brings together University services to provide a programme of activities, workshops and appointments to support your learning and development during your time at university.

The resources section of this website has skills based information and activities to support your studies from arrival to graduation, so that you can reach your potential and succeed on your course.

A number of different services run from the Bridge to bring you a broad range of skills, resources and development in one place:

  • Academic Skills
  • Maths Support
  • Stats Support
  • University English Scheme
  • Language Advisory Service
  • Student Wellbeing Workshops



Would you like to hear from a student about their experience with Academic Skills Tutors? Are you wondering how Academic Skills tutors might help you?

Watch our video to find out how our student succeeded in their degree, with help from Academic Skills tutors! This will be particularly helpful for international students.