Are you feeling exam ready?

Have you started to prepare for your exams? 

Would you like some handy tips to get you going?


Here are our top 10 exam tips!


1. First of all make sure you know when and where your exams take place – and add them to your calendar or diary!


2. Your exams will be based upon the topics you have covered during the semester – take a look at your lecture notes & hand outs and pick out the key topics.


3. Create your personal study calendar – identify your main study topics & then divide your time into small chunks to allocate the time available.


4. Summarise the information that you have gathered and identify the key points – remember to include examples and evidence for each topic.


5. Make sure that you understand the information when you make notes – it may work better to present the information as a chart or a mind map.


6. Purely re-reading your notes is not always effective.  Try walking around your room – ask yourself questions and answer them.


7. To practise writing an exam question sketch out a rough outline in ten minutes – then go back to your notes to see what you have missed.


8. Check out the exam resources on the Bridge website – you’ll find lots more hints and tips here.


9. Looking for a bit more? Take a look at the Exam Skills Module here – just log in with your SHU account to access all the resources!


10. And finally (saving the best ’til last!) – need an extra helping hand?  Then why not come along to our brand new Exam and Revision workshop.  The workshop will include planning your revision, organising your notes and your ideas, and identifying strategies that work for you – all with the expert guidance of an Academic Skills Tutor.


Our next session takes place on Thursday 13th April at 2pm on the Bridge in Adsetts Library – reserve your place below!


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