David Smith (2017) – bio

Dr David Smith has been teaching in higher education since 2010 and teaches Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. David is a SFHEA and has been awarded the student nominated Sheffield Hallam University Inspirational Teaching Award three times. As well as being a teacher he is also an active researcher.

David’s work inspires students by teaching with passion. He fosters and develops enquiring minds in his students so that they question the world around themselves; building their confidence and maximising opportunities for personal growth. Active learning methods are routinely incorporated in his teaching, using objects and 3D models to stimulate students’ imagination and interest. He uses elements of play and humour to bring teaching to life, ensuring sessions are enjoyable and effective. David shares these practices widely and has inspired others to take up active learning techniques as a result of their interactions. Sustained commitment to his students is demonstrated through support outside the classroom and ensuring students’ needs are given high priority for his time and attention. This support builds confidence in his students by confirming understanding, correcting misunderstandings and suggesting avenues of further investigation. Through these methods he has seen his students grow in confidence and knowledge leading to achievement of their personal goals.

The digital world is becoming ever more integrated into our lives and this is mirrored in teaching. David is currently exploring the use of virtual reality to better understand biological molecules. Within his teaching, David is developing the use of objects and 3D models as a focal point for learning, and is currently exploring the use of augmented reality within teaching.

David is also currently researching the use of space in learning, investigating how students and teachers interact within different teaching environments.

Email  d.p.smith@shu.ac.uk