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Compassion in HE

Compassion in HE is a broad umbrella term which brings together cognate areas focusing on the relational aspects of learning and teaching at university.  Take a look at Cathy Malone’s compassionate pedagogies briefing paper.

Different disciplines draw on a range of research and different paradigms to explain the affective aspects of learning and teaching. This diversity is reflected in the podcasts below featuring speakers from across the university and beyond explaining key ideas and issues in this area:

Theo Gilbert
University of Hertfordshire
Chimp Paradox
Sara Morris-Docker
Nursing and Midwifery
Pat Day
Nursing and Midwifery
Course Leader for Health
Visitor and School Nursing Training
Relational Pedagogy
Sally Pearce
Head of Area
Early Years Teacher Education

This project is being led by colleagues in the Compassion in HE Hallam Guild Group. If you’d like to be part of this community or contact colleagues about the work they are doing, please contact:
Cathy Malone
Petra Klompenhouwer
Sally Hinchliff

Decolonising the curriculum



Upcoming events!

Compassion in HE Decolonising the curriculum Leadership
Compassion in Schools for Educators Event
8th November 2019 – Derby – City Centre
Registration Open
Early Bird registration (ends 31st July 2019) £70
Registration (1st August 2019 onwards) £140The University of Derby and the Compassionate Mind
Foundation are pleased to announce our inaugural
Compassion in Schools for educator’s day:

  • Three short keynotes
    • Professor Paul Gilbert
    • Dr Mary Welford
    • Professor Katherine Weare
      is also running a Mindfulness workshop

Past events / resources

Compassion in HE
Action Learning in Compassion ‘show and tell’
5th July 2019
For further information and how to book visit

Race Equity Through Pedagogy Conference
1st July 2019
For further information and resources contact