Academic Communications

The University has many ways in which we communicate guidance and information to our academic community. Here we show you the many channels that are used and who they’re for;


  1. Academic Development & Diversity (ADD) Team
  2. University’s Internal Communications Team
  3. College / departmental newsletters

1. Academic Development & Diversity (ADD) Team

For all academic staff;

Role specific
Here we produce communications in two ways;
  1. Website Blog Posts – delivered to subscribers of the site;
    1. Academic Advisers – for previous messages visit the Hallam Resources A-Z page (section A academic advising – newsletters).
    2. Course Leaders – for previous messages visit the Hallam Resources A-Z page (section C – course leaders newsletters).
    3. Module Leaders – coming up in Semester 2.
    4. Subject Group Leaders – coming soon.
  2. Targeted email groups;
    1. Academic Advisers – all academic advisers are recorded on SITS/Curriculum View – work is currently underway to download these staff listings. Each department has an identified member of staff acting as an academic advising lead.
    2. Course Leaders – staff list, downloaded from the university reports
    3. Module Leaders – staff list, downloaded from the university reports

Community specific

We produce communications via group emails and/or subscribers to the websites along with Blog Posts that are linked to the work of our community groups;
  • Inclusive Practice – supporting the work of The Community of Inclusive Practice (a Hallam Guild Group)
  • Hallam Guild – cultivates inclusive staff and student communities of practice across Hallam and acts as an incubator for the development of innovative practices in teaching, learning and supporting the student experience
  • Degree Awarding Gap – designed to help you to understand more about the degree awarding gap, also called the degree attainment gap, between white and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BME students), the causes of the gap, and what can be done to reduce and then eradicate the gap.

2. University’s Internal Communications Team

The Recruitment, Communications and Marketing Team can work with you to provide strategic communications direction and planning. They create and manage key messages and delivery through central channels for major projects and campaigns. Their Internal Communications Toolkit provides you with practical resources to get you started and here you can make contact with the team.

Here’s an overview of all the central communications channels the team use to circulate messages to both staff and students including College newsletters, as below;

Staff Communications Channels Student Communication Channels
  • Academic Update (every Friday)
  • All-staff emails
  • Hallam Staff Twitter
  • Managers Brief
  • Staff Intranet
  • We Are Hallam
  • Corporate Screens
  • Email – students
  • MyHallam

3. College / Departmental newsletters

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