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Welcome to Academic Essentials. 

This ‘one-stop-shop’ resource has been developed in response to feedback from academic colleagues and will provide easier, more coordinated access to information to help you do your job.  This resource is curated by a range of stakeholders from across both academic and professional services teams and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have contributed.

Take a look at the DVC (Academic) Roger Eccleston’s brief introductory welcome video.  

FeedbackThis resource is maintained on behalf of our key stakeholders by the Academic Development & Diversity Team. If you’d like to become a stakeholder and contribute to this resource, have a suggestion for content or just want to offer feedback, click the feedback button and let us know! 


Hallam language for learning 2021/22

Our Hallam language for learning presentation provides a consistent narrative with the tools you need to articulate our distinctive teaching and learning offer.  

Support for Course and Module Design and Delivery

This section covers aspects of – * Hallam Model     Planning and Delivery our Course Principles 2021/22     Timeline of T&L activities     Quality Assurance     Curriculum View/Catalogue/SITS  *  Resources to support course and module leader activity     Evaluation     Hallam Welcome     Inclusivity and Accessibility     The Source   *   Professional Development Activities (CPD)   *   Personal and Professional Development Planning (PPDP).

Academic Induction, Careers and Work Planning

This section covers aspects of – New to Sheffield Hallam University?  New to Academic Leadership?  Academic Advisers  Course Leaders  Module Leaders  External Examiners  Work-Based Learning Coaches Supporting our academic colleagues  *  Staff Wellbeing and Support  *

Advance HE

Advance HE 2020/21 membership benefits – highlights benefits for Hallam staff.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

This section covers aspects of – * EDI strategy and provision at Sheffield Hallam University  Academic resources and guidance to support inclusive and accessible teaching, learning and assessment. 

Academic Professional Development and Events (CPD)

This section covers aspects of – Who our key stakeholders are  What our development opportunities are  *  How you can use our academic development database to promote your own activities  For information and bookings  Feedback and engagement 

Advance HE

Advance HE 2020/21 membership benefits – highlights benefits for Hallam staff.

Apprenticeship, Employability and Work-Based Learning

This section covers elements of – Higher and Degree Apprenticeships (HDA)  Highly Skilled Employment (HSE)  Careers and Employment  *  Applied Learning in Practice  UK Partnerships  *  Course Design and Delivery  *  Contacts. 

Assessment and Feedback Journey

This section covers aspects of – * Course design  Setting (module level)  Supporting  Submitting / Sitting  Marking / Feedback  Recording Marks  *  Returning Marks and Feedback  Reflecting and Reviewing  *  Additional resources to support assessment and feedback. 

Digital Capability, Skills and Support

This section covers – * Digital Learning Team  *  Digital Skills Hub  Digital Technology Services (DTS)  Academic Professional Development and Events (CPD)  Tools and Resources.

Regulations, Policies, Procedures for students and staff

This section covers – University’s Terms and Conditions and Student Regulations  Human resources and Organisation Development (HROD)  *  Quality Framework  Strategic Planning and Insight (SPI)  Additional sources of information. 

Supporting our Students at Hallam

This section covers – Student Support Triangle  Missing Students  Student Communications Framework  *  Student Support Model Module  *  Library of support services A-Z. 

Academic Resources Library A-Z

A-Z Library

This section provides you with an A-Z library to help you search for the right guidance and information within Academic Essentials using key words and acronyms. 

Case Studies

Case Study overview page – for a variety of case studies, collaborative work, journals, book chapters and conference papers. 

Academic Contacts and Communications

This section covers aspects of – Academic Development & Diversity Team (ADD)  Student Experience, Teaching and Learning (SETL)  *  Student and Academic Services (SAS)  *  University’s Internal Communications Team. 

College and Research

Feedback and Engagement

We would very much welcome your feedback. Contact the Academic Development & Diversity Team.

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 Last updated: 23rd March 2021