TALENT Calendar

Workshops and Writing Retreats

We offer an annual programme of support sessions both for those starting to think about applying for Advance HE Fellowship and those already in the process of putting together an application.

For available dates and further information about our online workshops and writing retreats, please click on the button below:




Important:  our ‘Getting Started Guide’ video must be watched prior to attending a development workshop (approx 30 minutes duration).

For all bookings and queries, please email talent@shu.ac.uk

Submission Deadlines

You may submit your completed application and references at any time, but no later than the deadline dates stated below.  Please see  ‘Submitting Your Application’ for further information on submission requirements.

3 April 20232 October 2023
3 July 20238 January 2024*

*The TALENT scheme will be undergoing reaccreditation  by Advance HE during 2023, therefore 8 January 2024 will be the final date to submit under our current scheme.  A new accredited scheme will be in operation in 2024, which will see some changes to submission requirements.  Further information and submission deadline dates for the new scheme will be published in due course.