PFHEA Guidance on completing your application

The following is based on the HEA guidance for principal fellows. The TALENT requirements differ from the HEA in some aspects of the format in that the Account of Professional Practice comprises case studies and a connecting narrative. However, all the criteria and the scope of practice indicated are the same.

Evidencing the Principal Fellow Descriptors

Critical to your claim for Principal Fellowship is the demonstration of a sustained record of effective strategic leadership in academic practice and academic development as a key contribution to high quality student learning. You are required to provide evidence of a sustained and effective record of impact at a strategic level in relation to learning and teaching, as part of a wider commitment to academic practice. This may be within your institution or wider (inter)national settings. Use the elements of the Areas of Activity, Core Knowledge and Professional Values (the Dimensions of the Framework) as a basis for thinking about the range of activities you have chosen from your Record of Educational Impact. An example of how you might illustrate your understanding, use and value of the UKPSF might include how you have used the Framework, as a whole or elements, to shape and develop policy, strategy and schemes within your organisation.

You must provide evidence that you meet the five Descriptors of the Framework on which Principal Fellowship is based. The term ‘Framework’ is used within the UKPSF as a shorthand reference to the whole document. In summary the Descriptors are:

D 4.1Active commitment to and championing of all Dimensions of the Framework, through work with students and staff, and in institutional development
D 4.2Successful strategic leadership to enhance student learning, with a particular, but not necessarily exclusive focus on enhancing teaching quality in institutional, and/or (inter)national setting
D 4.3Establishing effective organisational policies and/or strategies for supporting and promoting others (e.g. through mentoring, coaching) in delivering high quality teaching and support for learning
D 4.4Championing, within institutional and/or wider settings, an integrated approach to academic practice (incorporating, for example, teaching, learning, research, scholarship, administration etc.)
D 4.5A sustained and successful commitment to, and engagement in, continuing professional development related to academic, institutional and/or other professional practices

What are the main evidence requirements for Principal Fellowship?

There are two main parts to your application:

  1. An Account of Professional Practice (APP) which consists of:
      1. Record of Educational Impact (REI)
      2. Three case studies
      3. Reflection on Practice Development (RPD)
  1. Supporting statements from three referees. For guidance on choosing referees please see The Process: Step 3. Choosing References.

Detailed guidance on completing the different sections of your application is available via the following links.

Account of Professional Practice (APP)

Record of Educational Impact (REI)

Case Studies

Reflection on Practice Development