Submitting Your Application

How do I submit?

 There are two parts to this.

Part one: Complete the appropriate application form  for your fellowship category and submission format and send it to your chosen referees. Make sure you have also either sent them or provided the link, to the correct Referee Statements on the TALENT site. They should then corroborate your claims in their statement and return their form to you. One of your referees must also confirm they have observed your practice.

Part two: When you have received your Referees Statements you should send them together with your application form to

Please submit your application and referee statements as Word documents to avoid any accessibility and/or processing issues.

When can I submit?

You may submit at any time but deadlines will usually be quarterly with the specific dates announced on the TALENT calendar.

You will receive confirmation of receipt and your submission will be allocated to the next available Review Panel.  Verbal route applicants will be contacted to arrange attendance.

A full explanation of how your submission will be evaluated including how you will receive notification of the outcome, can be found under the decision-making sections of this Process menu.

The timeline of this process from submission deadline to confirmed outcome is approximately 8 weeks.