Outcome of the Decision Making Process

All decisions forwarded by the Review Panel chairs are provisional until ratified by the Standardisation Panel. The Standardisation Panel meets quarterly so you will have to wait around 8 weeks for a decision. Following the Standardisation Panel you will be sent an email from the chair containing one of two outcomes:


You have been recommended for fellowship at the descriptor level claimed. You will receive an email confirmation of this decision. At this point you may use your post-nominal letters and claim your certificate from AdvanceHE. Full instructions on doing this will be sent to you with the final outcome.

Not Yet Awarded:

The panel have agreed that your submission does not yet meet the criteria for the descriptor claimed.  You will receive an email to confirm this decision including:

a) an offer to meet with one of the Review Panel chairs for verbal feedback and guidance

b) written feedback will also be provided that will focus on detailing the criteria that have not yet been met

You may find a writing retreat useful to obtain further guidance on addressing the feedback.

You can submit a new application after one month, which will go to a new panel. However, if you have been advised to develop further evidence this may take considerably longer and you should not resubmit until you are confident that you have addressed the feedback.  The facilitator at a Writing Retreat will be able to advise you on this.