LEAD Associates

The LEAD Associate scheme, part of the TALENT framework, provides an opportunity for academic staff in faculty to work with LEAD specialists to develop and disseminate a learning enhancement initiative. Professor Liz Barnes said of the projects: ” I think that we will see some really exciting developments that hopefully can influence and shape practice across the University”.

The designation ‘Lead Associate’ lasts for 12 months (January – December) and participants are given a range of support and development opportunities to enable project outcomes and enhance their professional profiles.

The six LEAD Associates for 2017 are:

Name Project Title
Amy Musgrove Standardisation of Assessment and Feedback
Charlotte Coleman Developing Student Autonomy: Self-Directed Activity Recording Tool
Daniela Hawryliuk Peer Mentoring for Placements
David Darwent Alternative Feedback Strategies
Fides Matzdorf Embodied Cognition for Leadership and Followership
Sara Morris-Docker Development of Education for Resilience


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