For Referees

The Role of the Referee

In acting as a referee you are endorsing the claims made by the applicant.  These claims may be regarding:

  • activities undertaken
  • role and participation (eg within a team; leading; initiating etc.)
  • outcomes (eg success, statistics, change)

You may also comment on relevant characteristics of the individual’s practice (are they known for the quality of their learning resources/approachability/passion for the subject?). If appropriate align your remarks to the UKPSF criteria.

You should ensure that you have read/seen the final version of the application which is to be submitted; there is no harm looking at drafts, and perhaps preparing some preliminary notes, but your reference is corroboration of the submitted application.

When approached by an individual to act as a referee try to ensure:

  1. That you have substantive knowledge of their practice over time and that you will be able to comment in reasonable depth on their practice
  2. That the applicant has a clear timescale for submission so that you can produce the reference when required

How the reference will be used

Your reference, in conjunction with other references and the evidence presented in the submission, will be used to make a judgement about the practitioner’s alignment to the fellowship category they are applying for (Associate, Fellow, Senior or Principal). Note that in borderline cases the references will be particularly significant in the panel’s deliberations.

Reference Forms

Reference forms can be downloaded by clicking here.