The overarching requirement is that the candidate:

demonstrates a broad understanding of effective approaches to teaching and learning support as key contributions to high quality student learning.’

Fellowship at this level carries the expectation that the full range of academic practice will be evidenced.  Fellowship candidates should have a good repertoire of teaching approaches, experience with a variety of assessment instruments and associated feedback strategies. They will normally have had experience with the full lifecycle of a module or course (i.e. design/approval, delivery, assessment and grading, review and evaluation).


To submit through the practice pathway you will require 3 years full-time-equivalent (FTE) in higher education (defined as level 4 or above).  It is not a requirement to  have AFHEA before applying for FHEA.

UKPSF Criteria

D 2.1Successful engagement across all five Areas of Activity
D 2.2Appropriate knowledge and understanding across all aspects of Core Knowledge
D 2.3A commitment to all the Professional Values
D 2.4Successful engagement in appropriate teaching practices related to the Areas of Activity
D 2.5Successful incorporation of subject and pedagogic research and/or scholarship within the above activities, as part of an integrated approach to academic practice
D 2.6Successful engagement in continuing professional development in relation to teaching, learning, assessment and, where appropriate, related professional practices

 Submission Requirements

  • 15 Practice Examples against all Dimensions of Practice (maximum of 100 words each)
  • Three case studies signposting the Dimensions of Practice in the text (maximum of 500 words or equivalent each)
  • Two references (at least one to be internal)

Maximum total words: 3,000