Guidance notes

When using the exemplars linked below, please bear in mind that they are not intended to be modelling excellence.  Instead, as with all submission efforts, they contain positive elements and areas that could be improved upon.

The comments attached are provided in order to help you avoid common errors and identify what you should be aiming towards within your own writing.  These exemplars are not in themselves an ‘award’ or ‘not yet awarded’ since they form only a  part of any
submission and all submissions are looked at holistically by the recognition panel.

Most of these exemplars are from real submissions but others have been created for a specific purpose.  In all cases they are intended to be anonymous although permission to use them has been given by the writer concerned.  If you happen to recognise the practice
described, please be sensitive to the situation and maintain the
writer’s confidentiality.

To view the exemplars for the level of fellowship you are applying for,  select the appropriate link from the drop down lists below.

We are developing further content around exemplars and will be continually updating this section of the website over coming months, so please do check regularly for updates and new content.  If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us at: