Student representation on committees

Staff-student committee meetings provide students with an opportunity to formally raise any issues about course that their fellow students have brought to their attention. It is also a chance for them to find out important information, have a say on prospective changes, and influence the future of the course / department / faculty / university.

There is an expectation that Course Reps will attend meetings of the relevant staff-student liaison committee for their course, and that Department Reps will attend Departmental Boards (when in management mode).  Both Course and Department Reps may be involved in Student Experience Forums and other course / department / faculty-based meetings which relate to the Student Experience.

Some Department Reps will also be recruited to join the Student Rep Operations Group, which has a membership which is shared between the University and the Students’ Union.

The format of our meetings varies greatly according to whether it is a formal committee or informal forum, and whether the meeting is at course, department, faculty or university level.  For Student Voice Forums, it’s often a good idea for staff to identify some specific areas for consultation, as well as providing opportunities for feedback on issues which are  identified by Student Reps.

Typical areas for consultation at Student Voice Forums include:

  • induction
  • learning resources
  • academic support
  • assessment and feedback
  • timetabling
  • teaching
  • placement support / work-based learning
  • staff-student communications

The University has a public statement on its commitment to including student representation in our committee structure.