Student participation in meetings

Before the meeting

Where possible, Student Reps who attend formal committee meetings at Department, Faculty or University level should be given the opportunity to discuss the agenda beforehand with the Chair or Secretary, to ensure that they are familiar with the topics which are to be discussed, and to ask for clarification on the expectations for their participation in the meeting.

Student Reps should:

    • Read the agenda and any relevant papers once circulated, and look over the minutes of the last meeting
    • Collate views from students and fellow Student Reps on the topics to be discussed (contact the Secretary or Chair if you need clarification)
    • Let the Secretary know if they want to request an addition or amendment to the agenda

During the meeting

We have developed guiding principles for staff-student committee meetings which set out some basic recommendations for staff-student meetings.

Student Reps should:

    • Take part in discussions
    • Listen to others
    • Represent the views of fellow students
    • Be constructive where possible, and build towards positive solutions
    • Ask for clarification where needed
    • Make notes on anything they need to feed back on, or consult fellow students about

STA (formerly ACES) example of a staff-student meeting agenda: ACES Agenda 2017-18

After the meeting

  • Make sure the actions from each meeting are made available to all students (e.g. on Blackboard).
  • Send the list of actions directly to the reps after the meetings, so they can publicise it.
  • Make actions meaningful e.g. instead of “will speak to … from … area of the University” put “Have spoken to … and this has been noted as a problem for this semester, however, next semester this should be sorted.” If an issue cannot be addressed, explain why.
  • Make sure you send actions to reps in a reasonable time frame.

Student Reps should:

– Keep their fellow students updated on any developments in response to their feedback.

– Feedback to the whole cohort of students where possible (e.g. post updates on course Blackboard site, social media, newsletters, website, etc.).

The university has introduced a new Summary of Discussion and Action Log template, to record the topics discussed at staff-student committee meetings with Course and Department Reps.