Department Reps

A Department Rep is expected to:
  • Be a voice for students in the department and faculty, working with Course Reps to ensure student feedback is heard at appropriate levels.
  • Provide a student perspective on issues affecting the student experience and policies at a Departmental and Faculty level.
  • Communicate with and back to students and Course Reps, letting them know what happens in response to student feedback.
  • Work to improve the student experience at Sheffield Hallam (in partnership with the University, Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union, and other students).
  • Meet regularly with other Departmental Reps within the Faculty, to ensure issues can be heard at a Faculty level.
To do this, Department Reps should:
  • Attend an initial training session to prepare them for the role.
  • Gather feedback from students in the department on issues that are not course-specific but may affect students across a Department or Faculty (e.g. university services such as learning centres, catering, sports facilities, IT, timetabling, learning and teaching experience, specialist facilities, plus additional learning and teaching issues that cut across courses).
  • Be a point of contact for students and course reps who want to raise issues or give feedback at departmental or faculty level. Help them to direct their feedback or raise it in the relevant forum.
  • Communicate with Course Reps to provide information and updates.
Department Reps are also required to:
  • Attend relevant Department level meetings and represent student opinion at a Departmental level.
  • Attend at least one additional University and/or Students’ Union meeting to put forward student feedback and to give a student perspective on any issues/policies discussed.
  • Attend any other formal meetings as required e.g. meetings with Head of Departments, Learning Teaching and Assessment Committees.
Department Reps may also have the opportunity to:
  • Take part in other training and development opportunities, e.g. further training, course rep conference.
  • Help support and mentor course reps, for example by attending course rep training sessions (this is also an opportunity to meet course reps).
  • Take part in the Hallam Award.

A copy of the Department Rep handbook is available here.