The Student Rep Experience

Being a Course Rep, Department or Faculty Rep can be a rewarding and engaging experience, with various development opportunity for students. James Glazier a Student Representation Assistant at the Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union and active Student Rep talks about his experience below:

“In my time at Sheffield Hallam I have been a rep at all levels – course, department and Faculty and have learned a lot about the rep system and its effectiveness. Being a rep is a role where you get out what you put in. I have seen reps complaining that they didn’t get anything out of being a rep but then have not turned up to any opportunities. One of the best things I discovered through my rep role was the Education Forum. It felt like a place to make my problems heard and discover if they were part of a larger problem. This is hard to find out if you don’t become a department rep or go to this forum. It has been hard for Department reps to contact course reps, and the same for Faculty Reps to contact either of the other levels. I have also developed highly effective working relationships with staff at course, department and faculty level as a result of being a rep. Staff respect me and listen to me, although this can sometimes be to the detriment of other students. Overall I have really enjoyed the experience of being a rep as I have gained so many skills and improved in my confidence. I have made some amazing friends as a result of this system as it got me involved in the Students’ Union and even helped me find out about and get a job I love”. (2019)


Other Student Reps have also said this about their role:

“Making peers feel that their opinions are valued. Creating a bridge between students and our staff for easy communication where people feel comfortable to share their concerns and praise.” – HWB Student Rep, level 5.