Removal Mechanisms

If students on a particular course have concerns that a Student Rep is not fulfilling the responsibilities of the role then they should contact their Course Leader or the Student Rep Programme Leader within the Students’ Union. They will then look further into the issue to determine what action can be taken.

If a Student Rep does not attend training and fails to respond to any further contact they will be removed as a Student Rep after 14 days.

If Sheffield Hallam University or Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union believes that a Student Rep is failing to meet the requirements of their role, they will be asked to attend a meeting with the Student Rep Programme Leader within 14 days. During the meeting, any concerns will be outlined and the Student Rep will be given opportunities to explain their situation. This will provide an opportunity to explore possible sources of support, advice or additional training which might help the Student Rep to fulfil their role.

If the Student Rep does not respond to the meeting request and fails to attend, this will result in the Student Rep being removed from their position.  The position may then be made available for re-election.

For more information on this process, please contact the Students’ Union.