Reward and Recognition

Historically, each faculty has its own recognition scheme to record the activities of student reps and reward them for their commitment.

Course Reps need to attend a certain number of training sessions and meetings in order to gain a certificate at the end of the year which should be tracked on a central spreadsheet and recorded by Faculty-based Professional Services staff.   In 2015/16, a standard Course Rep letter of achievement was introduced for Course Reps who meet their milestones.  These were issued by the Students’ Union for the first time in 2016.

Recognition for Department Reps operates on a similar basis, and may include a certificate or letter of thanks.  The benefits for the student of the experience of being a Department Rep are detailed on the Hallam Union website.

The milestones which Course and Department Reps need to meet in order to qualify for a Faculty-based letter or certificate of achievement are detailed here: Student Rep Milestones

Activities carried out by Student Reps are also eligible to be used as evidence in an application for the Hallam Award.

Student Reps may also be nominated for Student Rep of the Month, and / or Student Rep of the Year in the Hallam Union Student Awards and the Student Union’s Volunteer Gold Awards.

If you would like to nominate a Student Rep for either of these awards, please contact for more information.