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Reward and Recognition

Course Reps need to attend a certain number of training sessions and meetings in order to gain a certificate at the end of the year which should be tracked on a central spreadsheet and recorded by Student Administration Professional Services staff.  A standard letter of achievement is issued by Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union for Course Reps who meet their milestones.

The milestones which Course Reps need to meet in order to qualify for a College-based letter or certificate of achievement are detailed here: Course Rep Milestones 2021 (PDF document)

Activities carried out by Student Reps are also eligible to be used as evidence in an application for the Hallam Award.

Student Reps may also be nominated for Student Rep of the Month.  Nominations can be made on the online survey by any staff member or student.  Winners are chosen by the Education Officer in the Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union.


Accreditation scheme

As part of the Course Reps’ role, they are automatically enrolled onto our new Accreditation scheme. This is a way for students to track their activities as course rep and be recognised for it. They have the chance to reach the Bronze, Silver and Gold status.

There are two key documents that go through: 

  1. The details of the Scheme
  2. Students’ Personal Portfolio where they can log their thoughts and keep a record of activities, so they have a copy of all their work.

Students must also submit their activities into a Microsoft Form so we can track your points and status – without doing this we cannot verify student submissions to the scheme. 


Last updated: 9th March 2022 – Natalie Brownell ADD Team