Recruiting Department Reps


Department Reps are typically recruited in April/May, and will begin their role in September/October of the same calendar year.

This timing is also used for recruitment to other student positions, such as student society committees, sports club committees, part-time and full-time Students’ Union representatives and Students’ Union standing committees. Students on one-year courses and first-year students can still be recruited at the start of the year.

The second round of recruitment usually takes place between the end of September and middle of October.

The Students’ Union provides a draft Department Rep Recruitment Email  which Faculties and Departments can tailor to their needs, to help with Department Rep recruitment.

Further information on timing is available on the Students’ Union website

Recruitment process

Recruitment is usually facilitated by the Students’ Union, in partnership with faculties.  Students may express an interest in the Department Rep role directly with the Students’ Union, or may volunteer via their Course Leader or Head of Department.  All students wishing to apply to be a Department Rep need to complete an online survey, which includes the submission of a short paragraph explaining why they want to undertake the role.

  1. Existing Course Reps may be invited to nominate themselves as Department Reps. This information should be sent to them before the Easter holidays.
  2. The deadline for nominations is usually a few weeks after the Easter holidays.
  3. If more reps than needed put themselves forward, Department Reps should be selected via election by students. The Students’ Union can support/advise Faculties on organising online elections.
  4. Department Reps will be  invited to a training session (run by the Students’ Union with support from Faculty staff) to prepare them for their role.

The key contact(s) in your faculty can advise you further on the process for recruiting Department Reps

The Course Rep Guide for Staff also contains information on recruitment on Department Reps as well as their roles as responsibilities and the voluntary support on offer.

Following recruitment

The names and student numbers / course join codes of Department Reps are collated by  Student and Academic Services, and are input into SITS

The Stu CRS Join code must be correct (many students have been enrolled on more than one course so the number needs to reflect the course in the department that they are representing).

Student code Stu Crs Join code Ac. Year code Milestone Milestone Date
e.g. 22015261 e.g. 22015261/1 2018/19

Guidelines for inputting Student Rep data into SITS