Recruiting Course Reps


Course Leaders are responsible for recruiting Course Reps. We try to recruit all Course Reps within the first 3 weeks of the start of the course, in any given academic year.

The Students’ Union will need a list the Course Reps by mid-October.

The Students’ Union provide a draft Course Rep Recruitment Email which Faculties and Departments can tailor to their needs, to help with Course Rep recruitment.

Help in recruiting Course Reps

Course Rep Recruitment Process – Please read and follow this simple process, which has been agreed by staff representatives from all faculties and the Students’ Union.

 You can use this slide promote the role of Course Reps in an induction session or lecture.

Advertising Student Rep role – For tips on how to advertise the role.

Course Reps briefing – This contains information on the Course Rep role. Please make sure that you share this information with students before asking them to nominate themselves for the role.

Course Rep Guide for Staff – This has information on the Course Rep role, recruitment and more. Please ensure all staff involved with Course Reps have read this prior to involvement.

Following recruitment

Once Course Reps have been recruited you need to:

  • Inform the Course Reps that they have been successfully appointed.
  • Notify any relevant professional services staff contacts of the names of elected Reps as soon as possible and by the end of October in the relevant academic year.

We would also suggest that you get in touch with the Reps to introduce yourself and talk about how you can work together during the year. If you are a Course Leader, you will be the main point of contact for Course Reps so it is important that they know how to contact you and feel comfortable in doing so.

Record the names of your Course Reps on a spreadsheet, for inputting into SITS

The template below contains the agreed columns that must be used for the inputting of Course Rep details into the University’s Student Management System.  Faculties can add additional columns to their local spreadsheets if required.

The Stu CRS Join code must be correct  (many students have been enrolled on more than one course so the number needs to reflect the course that they are representing).

Student code Stu Crs Join code Ac. Year code Milestone Milestone Date
e.g. 22015261 e.g. 22015261/1 2017/18

Guidelines on how to input Student Rep data into SITS