D&S have created an example timeline of when actions take place during the academic year. The downloadable version can be found here: Rep Timeline.

Aug Course Administrator Forum – process update before recruitment and training begins
Sept / Oct Recruit Reps
Organise Course Rep training
Oct SU run Dept Rep training
Oct / Nov Facilitate Course Rep training
Organise Dept Rep attendance on committees
Nov/ Dec SSCM 1 / Dept Board 1 & You said we did
Begin to organise Reflective Workshop (careers workshop)
Jan Evaluate training
Feb Begin to organise Department Rep recruitment
SSCM 2 / Dept Board 2 & You said we did
Run Reflective Workshops (careers workshops)
April / May Recruit Department Reps
Nominate Reps for SU awards
Give out rewards
SU Rep Award Night
Evaluate the Rep process
June Dept Board 3 & You said we did

Ongoing tasks

  • Evaluate the Rep process / make improvements
  • Track and monitor reps
  • Support reps
  • Communicate decisions around the Faculty / University