Student Rep Steering Group

The Student Rep Steering Group reports to the University’s Student Experience Committee, and is run jointly by Sheffield Hallam University and the Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union.

It’s purpose is to:

  • Ensure the consistent delivery of the student rep system, including course representatives, departmental representatives and student representation on University and Students’ Union committees
  • Evaluate and improve the student rep system to ensure that it contributes to the ongoing enhancement of courses and University and Students’ Union services
  • Ensure the student voice is at the heart of University decision making, and to develop and implement institutional policies and approaches relating to the NSS Student Voice questions (Q23-26)

Membership includes both academic and professional services leads from faculties and departments, as well as Student Representatives and Elected Officers. It is chaired by the Education Officer, and the agenda is agreed by both the University and the Students’ Union.

For enquiries about the Student Rep Steering Group, contact