The student rep system is made up of the following:

Course Reps Represent students on their course.
Work with their course leader and course team, and attend staff-student meetings for their course/programme/department.
Department Reps Represent students at academic department  and faculty level.
Work with Course Reps to highlight issues which need to be taken forward at department level.
Attend departmental, faculty, university or students’ union committees.
Within the Students’ Union:

Full-time Union Officers represent all students collectively.

Part-time Student Union Reps work with the officers to ensure that all students are represented in the Students’ Union.

Relevant Committees / Forums:
    • Engage – a joint committee of the University and the Students’ Union, which provides a forum to explore and debate issues emerging from feedback from students, and propose measures to enhance the student experience.
    • Student Representative Steering Group – with membership from the Students’ Union, the University, and Student Reps, for making decisions on the Student Rep process, raising faculty level issues, sharing best practice and making recommendations to the Student Experience Committee.
    • Faculty level Student Representative Groups – for implementing University wide decisions and running the Student Rep process in Faculty.