Thinking of leaving or changing course?

Are you unhappy on your course or thinking of leaving uni? It is not uncommon for students to feel this way. An average of 15% of undergraduates across the UK:

  • discover the course is not what they want or expected
  • don’t settle in
  • have personal reasons for wanting to leave

Leaving (2)

Don’t panic!

There are many options you can consider if you feel like this. You may decide to do one of the following

  • carry on – with additional support to help you succeed
  • change course – here or at a different university. Please note that changing courses can be difficult and is sometimes not possible.
  • withdraw from the university, perhaps permanently or temporarily, to return next year, or select another university




What if I’m not sure whether to stay?


University life is, and should be challenging. You are expected to manage all aspects of your life, including your studies. It is easy to be overwhelmed at the beginning, especially if you are not used to doing things for yourself. Most students find that things feel better after a month or two with a bit of practice, advice and support from friends, family and the university.

Here are some tips which may help you

  • Make a routine for your days, make lists, organise yourself.
  • Treat study like a job
  • Learn the basic skills of independent study and talk to learning support teams in the Libraries who can help you with writing essays, research and using computers and also offer help with maths.
  • Join some clubs, societies or go to events that interest you
  • Try not to go back home at every opportunity – make a life for yourself here as a student. You can still get support from friends and family.

If you are certain this will not work for you or still feel unsettled after a couple of months or so then you might wish to talk to someone about your options.

You could speak to a Student Support Advisor. You can contact someone via any of the Hallam Help Points across both campuses.

Please note you can also find further information on shuspace about what to do if you are thinking of changing course or if you have decided to leave your course.