Exam or coursework worries?

imagesPlease see shuspace for details of what to do if you have




If you are worried about exams or coursework, it is always advisable to get help early. There are a number of options available to you, including:

Study Support

The Skills Centre is a study support service for all students. You can find support online and at Adsetts Library and Collegiate Campus library. Get in touch by emailing skillscentre@shu.ac.uk or find out more by calling in to the libraries.

Experienced tutors are available to offer support with things such as:

  • Planning and structuring written assignments
  • Report writing and essay writing
  • Managing workloads
  • Exam preparation and revision techniques
  • Individual and group presentation skills
  • Effective reading and note-taking skills
  • Critical analysis



Contacting your tutor

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If you don’t understand what you are being asked to do when given an assignment, it is important to seek clarification early on. Think ahead – have you done all the research you can to try and find out for yourself what is expected? If you have, then sit down and write a list of specific questions you need to ask your tutor. Email or ask to meet with your tutor to discuss your questions. Remember to be clear, precise and polite in order to avoid further confusion and frustration.


Making full use of the Libraries


Our Libraries have a fantastic reputation. There are friendly and helpful staff always available to give you advice on using the facilities. If you know your way around the Libraries and are confident finding the books and other resources you need, this will greatly improve your confidence when tackling new assignments and exam revision. The Libraries also offer a quiet and professional environment in which to study, should you find it difficult or distracting studying at home.


Support from Student Wellbeing

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At SHU, we appreciate just how stressful exams and coursework can be, especially if you are balancing study with other commitments in your life. That’s why we encourage students to get in touch with our Student Wellbeing Service for support with managing your work life balance. Student Wellbeing can also provide more in depth, on-going support for students with mental health difficulties. For more information, visit shuspace.


What happens if I fail an exam or assignment?

Generally speaking, resitting assessments in August, progressing onto your next year of study whilst retaking a module or retaking the whole year again are currently some of the options for students who fail assessments or modules.

However, the options which are open to you may vary depending on your degree course or individual circumstances. Your Student Support Advisor will be able to advise you on your particular circumstances and also make you aware of any changes to the Standard Assessment Regulations which might affect you. Talk to a Student Support Advisor by visiting any Hallam Help Point.