Do you have ideas on how the university experience could be improved for you and other students? Would you be happy to share your experiences of being a student with a senior member of staff?

Yes? Then read on…

Sheffield Hallam is piloting a Reverse Mentoring programme where students are paired with senior staff members from across the university. We are particularly interested in Student Mentors from under-represented groups.   This is your chance to outline:

  • what currently works well
  • how things could be improved
  • any other ideas you have

How would it work?

You would be paired with a senior member of staff from Sheffield Hallam who you would meet approximately 4 times across the academic year. Your mentee may come to the meetings with a specific issue they want to discuss or they may just want to hear how the year is going for you.  The important thing is that they want to hear your honest perspective on university policies, procedures and practices.

What else would we expect from you?

If you take part we would expect you to:

  • take part in an initial training session
  • attend the mentoring meetings
  • come to an evaluation session at the end of the academic year

What’s in it for you?

This is a great opportunity for students to network at high levels within the university and you would be in a unique position to get your voice and opinions heard. Your ideas may lead to direct and positive change in the university, helping to create a more inclusive learning environment.  It will also give you something interesting to put on your CV; something that differentiates you from other candidates.

Throughout the year you would also have a supportive point of contact from staff in the Inclusive Support and Employability teams.

If you are interesting in taking part in the pilot, or have any initial questions, please email Sheryl ( in the first instance.